Kilimani International School Online Difference

Kilimani International School (KIS) is a private christian school offering a Kindergarten through 12th Grade American Curriculum. Students attending KIS have the benefit of accessing a high tech online campus from the convenience of their home and at their own pace, time and schedule. Discover how we can partner together in providing your child with individualized and mastery based educational experiences.


Applying the latest multimedia techniques, Kilimani International School offers a curriculum that fosters a rich learning environment, a broad range of courses to help students reach their full potential.


Kilimani International School personalized approach accommodates each student's learning style. A student excels in learning when the teacher is involved at an individual level.


Principle of learning that concepts must be mastered before progressing to the next sequential concepts. This approach to learning allows them to work at their own speed and rate of understanding.

Christian World View

At Kilimani International School we wear our Christian identity boldly because we believe that man’s primary purpose is to know God and glorify Him through obedience and faithful service. KIS Mission is to prepare each student for a lifetime of christ – like service.

A Few Steps from Your Classroom

At Kilimani International School, we know every student’s life is different. That’s why we work with you to create your own calendar and offer access to lessons any time of the day. Whenever you’re ready to start your day, you can log in anywhere through a web browser to access your virtual classrooms.


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What Students Say About Us

Want to know more about our school? The feedback submitted by our students is an effective way to show how beneficial the studying at KIS can be.