Kindergarten (3-5Years old)

The Reception (Step-by-Step Early Childhood Development) program presents a strong foundation year before entering preschool. The Step – by – Step incorporates the 6 ELDA (English Language Development Assessment) experiences. These include: well – being, identity & belonging, communication, explaining mathematics, creativity, knowledge and understanding of the world.

The Pre-School Program’s individualized instructions allow students to take the initiative in the learning process and to become independent learners. The program incorporates specific activities to develop sequencing and phonetic skills, promotes auditory processing and improves eye-hand coordination and visual perception. The Pre-School Program lays a solid foundation on which to build the rest of a child’s education.

The Learning to Read Multisensory, Phonetic, Learning-to-Read Program is a well-organized program that uses animal stories to reinforce all the alphabet sounds. It also reviews alphabet sequencing and word relationships. Scripture passages support the phonics lessons, and stories illustrate Christian character traits. The program utilizes various activities to help develop physical skills, small motor skills, and visual discrimination. The Learning-to-Read provides students with all the tools needed to be able to move into the individualized instruction while completing the program. Students are also introduced to numbers and simple math skills.


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